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Avoid A Huge Mess In Your Orinda, CA, Home
By Knowing Who To Call For Septic
Tank Replacement

Professionals You Can Rely On To Keep The
Waste Flowing Out Of Your Home

Overflowing toilets, a cesspool of waste in your yard, or the inability to shower – septic problems can be a nasty surprise for your Orinda, CA, home. If you’re experiencing odors that even the best candle can’t hide, you might need a professional to inspect, service, or replace your septic tank.

Septic tank issues can quickly spell disaster for any homeowner, especially when wastewater begins flowing into your home or yard. But knowing who to call when problems arise can make all the difference in mitigating damage to your property.

In truth, septic tank replacement is something that many East Bay Area homeowners don’t think about. With so much on your plate, ignoring the telltale signs of a malfunctioning septic tank can be easy.

However, when problems arise, and you stare at a huge mess, calling for help is crucial. Avalon is here to right the ship and quickly deliver the necessary plumbing solutions.

Our Septic Tank Replacement Services

Replacing your old septic tank is not something you ever want to consider. However, the reality is that septic tanks are not meant to be everlasting – they age like any other part of your home.

The type of septic tank you have for your Orinda, CA, home will determine just how long of a life you get out of your tank. For example, a steel tank will quickly rust and leak, often needing to be replaced within ten or so years. In contrast, concrete tanks can last up to forty years when properly cared for and maintained.

If you see signs of your septic tank leaking or water pooling in your yard, hire professionals to inspect the situation.

When we arrive at your home, we will check out the situation to determine if your entire septic tank needs to be replaced or if you have a break in the sewer line. Whatever the issue, we will give you the best solution to get your home back in working order.

If the septic tank needs to be replaced, we will dig up the area, remove the old tank, and replace it with a concrete or plastic option, as they are more durable in the ground.

We will work diligently to put your yard back together – the last thing we want is to leave you with a landscaping mess to clean when we leave.

Why Do People Turn To Us?

There are several reasons why customers come to us when they require plumbing and sewer services. One of the most common reasons for our five-star service is our reliability by arriving on time, communicating the issue, and being there when our customers need us.

Reliability is one of our core values that dictates how we deal with our customers and how we hold ourselves with every job. Our other core values include the following:

  • Showing integrity in everything we do.
  • Holding ourselves accountable for our actions.
  • Earning the trust of our community.
  • Advocating for our customers.

Aside from our friendly personalities and reliability, many people comment on how excellent our workmanship is and how we stand behind our work. We do stand behind our work, offering warranties on what we do.

A big part of why we stand behind what we do is using superior materials in every job. Any job worth doing means doing it right, and a considerable part of doing our job is using the best material to complete the job.

Thanks to our dedication to perfection on every job, our customers are happy with the results, knowing the problem is fixed for good!

FAQs About Septic Tank Replacement

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Septic Tank?

It depends upon the location of the tank and any other obstacles that may be in the way. We will replace it as soon as possible so you can get your home back to normal!

Can We Offer Financing For Septic Tank Replacement?

We understand that replacing your septic tank could be way out of your monthly budget. We do offer financing through WiseTack.

Are There Ways To Make Your Septic Tank Last Longer?

Cleaning out the septic tank, ensuring you are not using dangerous chemicals, and avoiding flushing items that should not be flushed are great ways to keep your septic tank running and to prolong the life of your tank.

Can We Place Your Septic Tank In A Better Location?

Yes, we can if it needs to be. But that will also require moving your sewer lines. However, if moving your septic tank would mean it works better for your home, we recommend it.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Avalon was nothing short of great with my sewer lateral replacement. On time, responsive, communicative, and did the work at a very fair price. Will use Avalon in the future.”

Jared J.

“Avalon Services is excellent. They did my sewage repair promptly. All my paperwork was in order. It was a good experience to have someone do what they should and not try to cheat you.”

Heral D.

“We highly recommend Avalon services for your plumbing needs. They are responsive, friendly, and upfront about pricing and details. We will use them for any plumbing issues in the future and recommend them to anyone looking for someone.”

Jordan W.