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Are you having issues with the sewer in your Orinda, CA, home? Homeowners in our area experience smells from drains or clogged drains, making it nearly impossible to flush or shower. In some cases, sewage backs up into the home or drains out on their property.

Unfortunately, sewer issues can spell disaster for homeowners, leading to costly repairs, replacements, or health issues.

That’s why it is imperative to call for help when sewer issues arise. In the East Bay Area, Avalon is here with quality sewer services you can rely on while ensuring your home is compliant with local ordinances.

Our Residential Sewer Services

Our sewer services are meant to correct any and all issues with your Orinda, CA, system. With our expert eye, we can quickly identify the source of the problem and craft a solution to help.

Even if you only need an inspection to sell your home, we can help!

Our sewer services include the following:

Sewer Inspections

A sewer inspection may be needed at your home for various reasons. Many East Bay area communities require inspections annually. Those selling their home, remodeling, or upgrading a water meter will often require sewer inspection as well.

When a sewer inspection is needed, we will use our video equipment to inspect the existing sewer lateral for any problems, which means no digging or destroying your property. If we find an issue, we will discuss with you what needs to be done and our solution.

Sewer Line Replacement

Clogs, cracks, and breaks are common issues with sewer lines. Numerous issues can cause a sewer line to no longer function as it should. For example, tree roots may have penetrated the line, causing breaks or cracks.

Our sewer line replacement services will find where the line is broken and correct it. After all, no one can live in their home when their sewer line is not functioning!

Sewer Pump Installation

Many homes in the Orinda, CA, area cannot rely on gravity for their sewer lines to remove the waste from their home. In these cases, sewer pumps are used, as they use pressure to move the wastewater to the sewer.

We will install any sewer pump you need in your home; however, we strongly recommend the E/One’s Pressure Sewer System. We have found the system to be highly efficient with a longer life than other pumps.

Why Do People Turn To Us?

Avalon was started as an answer to the poor-quality plumbing professionals in our area – those more interested in making the maximum amount of money rather than fixing the problem.

Instead, we are all about stellar, five-star service that our customers can rely on.

Aside from our quality customer service, we only use superior materials with any sewer or plumbing project. We utilize only the toughest products, including ARC couplings and Type L Copper pipes. We have found that with superior products, the repair lasts many years.

Our precision workmanship is a massive reason why people call us when they have any sewer or plumbing issues. We pay attention to every small detail so that what we do will last for decades.

Everything we do for our customers centers around our core values. These core values include trust, reliability, integrity, accountability, and customer advocacy. From taking responsibility for our work to ensuring we only do top-notch jobs, being reliable, and always putting our customers first, Avalon is the premier plumber to turn to!

FAQs About Sewer Services

What Type Of Warranty Does Avalon Offer?

Our warranty covers the connection points and materials we install. If problems later arise with the products we have installed, we will repair and make any necessary changes at no cost to you. We offer our ten-year warranty from when we initially did the work, so you’ll get years of peace of mind.

Will Sewer Line Replacement Involve Digging In The Yard?

Yes, it will. While we can perform our sewer inspection with minimal digging, replacing a line will result in digging the old line up. However, once we finish, we will return your yard to rights so it looks great again.

What Is Sludge And Does Every Line Have It?

Sludge is organic material collected inside your pipes. And yes, just about every homeowner has it in their pipes. The problem with sludge is that it can quickly start to affect the flow of drains and end up clogging the lines.

When Sewer Work Is Being Done, Are There Limits On What
Homeowners Can Do?

When working on the sewer, we ask that you refrain from flushing toilets or running water down the drains. We often have the sewer drain lines open, and for the safety and health of our professionals, we like to keep the line as clear as possible.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The technician came to our home to help us with our backyard drains. The technician was the ultimate professional and recommended we use the camera first to ensure we didn’t pay for anything more than we needed. I would use them again and happily recommend them to anyone looking for a professional company.”

Tyrone T.

“They thoroughly assessed our issue and helped to develop the best solution, given our budget restraints. The crew was friendly and courteous, respecting the particularities of our home. Their work was quick and high-quality, and they did an excellent clean-up job.”

Whitney M.

“We’ve been dealing with an ongoing clog in our line. Avalon has been patiently and consistently working through the jam in our line. They used great technology by sticking a camera down to show me what was happening in real-time. Five stars all around! Keep up the great work.”

Lucas F.