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When you have issues with the sewer system in your Orinda, CA home, you need to know where to turn to get the best service and the most reliable repair. Often, a small issue can quickly turn into a major problem– so knowing who to call is crucial. Avalon Services has the knowledge and expertise to help you with your toughest sewer challenges.

At its core, your sewer system sends wastewater away from your home. However, a properly functioning sewer system does much more – it keeps your home and family safe. When an issue occurs, it can wreak havoc on your yard, house, and health. Beyond the ghastly smell – sewer emergencies are costly and stressful.

But keeping your sewer system in perfect shape takes more than watching a few DIY videos. That’s where the experts at Avalon Rooter – we’re here to help with all your sewer service needs.

Our Sewer Services

When it comes to sewers in the Orinda, CA, area, we want to ensure they run the best they can. That is why we offer sewer services meant to address any problem that may be present and do this in a way that lasts many years.

Our sewer services include the following:

Sewer Inspections

We go through the entire sewer system to find any problems or potential weak spots that could lead to issues later. Through our inspections, you no longer have to worry about surprises.

Sewer Line Replacement

Over time, your sewer lines deteriorate, tree roots can interfere, and blockages form. We replace the line so your Orinda, CA, home flows smoothly again.

Sewer Pump Installation

A sewer pump helps to move the wastewater to where it needs to be – and keeps you safe and healthy. A failed sewer pump can be a disaster for your home. We’ll replace or install a new pump to get your system back in working order.

Whatever your sewer issue, we can find a solution that will help.

Why Do People Choose To Work With Us?

There are several reasons why most of our customers are repeat business. But our core values are the top reason Orinda, CA, homeowners recommend our services to their friends and family:

  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Customer Advocacy

These simple values fuel everything we do for our customers while we diligently perform our work. From the first point of contact to your finished repair – we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Because we treat each customer like we would want to be treated — our customers realize this, and they keep us on their speed dial as their plumber of choice.

FAQs About Sewer Services

Do We Offer A Warranty When Replacing Sewer Lines?

Yes, we do. We offer a ten-year warranty on any sewer pipes we replace and install in the ground. The warranty will cover the materials and the connection points in your lines. Even if you sell your home during this 10-year period, we still offer the warranty to the new owners.

How Can You Prevent Sludge And Clogs In The Sewer Lines?

Sadly, there is no natural way to prevent all sludge in these lines. However, you can reduce the likelihood of clogs by:

  • Not pouring grease or oil down the drain
  • Using cold water when running the garbage disposal
  • Running hot water after cleaning pots, pans, and dishes to prevent grease buildup

Doing this can reduce your chances of clogs and sludge buildup.

Can You Use The Bathroom In Your Home When Work Is Happening
On The Sewer?

While you can use the bathroom, we ask that you do not flush or put anything down the drains. This keeps our technicians safe and creates a sanitary environment to work in during the project. We do our best to get the problem fixed asap so that you can get back to your routine in your home.

Are There Big Signs That Point To Your Sewer Failing?

Some people report a smell when their sewer starts to give them issues. At the same time, other people don’t notice until they have clogged lines or even the sewer line leaking into their front yards. This is why many people prefer to have their system checked routinely to prevent surprises from their sewer system.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Will at Avalon was nothing short of great with my sewer lateral replacement. On time, responsive, communicative, and did the work at a very fair price. Would definitely use Avalon in the future.”

Jared J.

“I can’t say enough positive things about Avalon. I contacted three plumbing companies, and each provided an estimate. I decided to go with Avalon, and I am so glad that I did. They are honest, fair and have great customer service (they answered all of my annoying questions). The team that was sent out replaced a collapsed sewer line for us; they were very professional and great to work with. The work was of high quality, and they did a great job of cleaning up. The actual cost was on target with the estimate, with no hidden costs! From here on out, they will be our “go-to” plumbing company.”

L T.

“Avalon Services is very good. They did my sewage repair in a timely manner. All my paperwork was in order; I received my City Of Oakland Compliance.
It is a good experience to have someone do what they are supposed to do and not try to cheat you.”

Heral D.