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Imagine your Piedmont, CA, home having sewer issues in which waste is backing up into your home, toilets will not flush, and water is sitting in your sinks without draining. It is a situation that no homeowner wants to find themselves in, yet some do find themselves dealing with these scenarios.

The sewer system in your East Bay area home is an integral component. It keeps your home running smoothly, and it can be troubling when issues arise. Luckily, Avalon is here with sewer services to fix all the wrongs in your system and get your home running as efficiently as possible.

Our Sewer Services

There can be several issues with your sewer system that are affecting your everyday life. Luckily, our plumbing and sewer services can unclog your drain lines, ensure a more reliable sewer line, and much more.

Sewer Inspection

Our sewer inspection services are being used by many in the Piedmont, CA, area. Depending on your location, sewers must be inspected before selling a home, remodeling, or even upgrading your water meter.

While any plumber may say they will inspect your sewer line, we inspect in an honest and fair way. Our technicians will never come to your home and “invent” an issue to correct. We give honest inspections and act in your best interests.

We even utilize high-tech cameras to inspect your sewer to avoid unnecessary digging in your yard.

Sewer Line Replacement

There are several reasons why your sewer line may need to be replaced. A complete blockage due to hardened sludge, tree roots, or aging lines often means replacing the sewer line.

We will first inspect the sewer with our cameras to determine the issue and whether sewer line replacement is your best option. If we do replace your sewer line, you can rest assured that you are getting the best materials made here in the United States, and our trained professionals will install the line impeccably.

Sewer Pump Installation

Your sewer pump is responsible for ensuring your waste is directed out of your house rather than gathering inside your home when it is on an incline.

When your sewer pump is no longer doing its job, installing a new one is the only option. We install any type of sewer pump a homeowner may want; however, we highly recommend the E/One’s Pressure Sewer System, as we have found it highly efficient and long-lasting.

Why Do People Choose To Work With Us?

Our five-star service is why people continue to do business with us and recommend us to others they know. We believe in being honest and efficient in every type of sewer job. Honesty is a core value in how we conduct business every day.

While other plumbers may be using the cheapest material possible, we only believe in using superior materials to ensure the job will last many years. When you factor in our precision workmanship, you have a difficult combination for our competitors to beat.

We look at you as more than a paycheck. While other companies may want to charge as much as possible, we believe in fixing your problem rather than stringing you along. It is a refreshing attitude and something our customers love.

FAQs About Sewer Services

Can Homeowners Use The Bathroom While Sewer Work Is Happening?

We ask that homeowners not flush or put water in their drains while sewer work occurs. We want to keep the work area as safe as possible for our technicians, and running waste into the lines while working can be hazardous.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Clogged Drains?

Clogged drains can happen from age and not having the drains cleaned as often as you should. However, you can help avoid buildup by watching what you put down the drains. Never dump grease, fats, or other oily substances, as they can quickly lead to clogs.

Why Type Of Warranty Do We Offer With Sewer Replacements?

We offer a ten-year warranty on any sewer pipes we replace buried in your ground. The warranty covers any connection points we make. Plus, the warranty stays with the home even if you move during the ten-year timeframe.

What Is Sludge In Sewer Lines?

Sludge is a buildup of material that collects inside the pipes. It eventually leads to clogged drains and slow draining.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We needed to get our sewer lateral into compliance after buying our home, and from the first phone call with Avalon, I could tell that they were a straightforward, honest company that strives to do its best for customers.”

– Vedika N.

“I can’t say enough positive things about Avalon. They are honest, fair, and have great customer service (they answered all my annoying questions). The team that was sent out replaced a collapsed sewer line for us. They were very professional and great to work with. The work was of high quality, and they cleaned up great.”

– L. T.

“Avalon was nothing short of great with my sewer lateral replacement. On time, responsive, communicative, and did the work at a very fair price. Will definitely use Avalon in the future.”

– Jared J.