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October 2, 2023

What Some East Bay Plumbers Would Consider Overkill, We Call The Bare Minimum

We Over-Engineer Our East Bay Sewer & Plumbing Projects To Improve The Functionality Of Your Sewer Line.

We may be plumbers, but we’re engineers at heart.  While that should be the standard for East Bay plumbing contractors, our obsession with precision engineering is a rarity.

It’s not a whim or a quirk, either. Over-engineering your plumbing and sewer projects helps your system last FAR longer than it would if we’d just done the bare minimum.

In fact, our systems are easier to maintain, function better, and last longer than they would if we had not over-engineered them.

We Add More Access Points For Easier Maintenance

One way we go the extra mile when installing a new sewer line is our inclusion of additional access points.  These portals to your sewer line enable us to easily clear out your sewer lateral with a high-pressure jetter system.

This helps your sewer line last MUCH longer and prevents blockages, leaks, and other issues.

What do the other guys do?

They install the minimum amount of legally required access points (one every 100 feet), and they put them wherever is convenient for them.

We install these clearout points at every turn, to enable better jetter cleaning access.

We Secure & Insulate All Of Our Piping

We are picky about our piping and how we install it. We choose to use pipes that are thicker than what is required, and we insulate and secure EVERY pipe–even if it isn’t required by law.

This protects ALL of your pipes from temperature changes and ensures your water will be the temperature you want it to be.

Will other plumbers do this?

Not likely. Most of them are so concerned about their bottom line that they’ll–at best–follow the minimum legal requirements and nothing more.

That’s because not all East Bay plumbers are obsessed with Precision Workmanship–only Avalon Rooter is.

We Care About Aesthetics & Try To Leave Everything Looking Great

One aspect of your plumbing or sewer project that you may not think about is how it LOOKS. In most other home contracting industries, aesthetics matter, but SO many East Bay plumbers simply don’t care how your property looks when they leave.

For us, 5-Star Service means leaving everything looking better than we found it, but it’s more than just cleaning up.  We also engineer our projects to look great and integrate better into your home’s aesthetic.

When we have to remove and replace drywall, we make sure it looks natural and smooth, instead of an awkward patch-up. The same is true for concrete in your driveway or sidewalk.

We know your tankless water heater, sewer line, and plumbing system in general aren’t features you WANT to look at. That’s why we make a point of integrating them into your home and property in the most subtle, aesthetically-pleasing way possible.

We don’t claim to be gardeners or decorators, but we do have a keen sense of what looks good and what doesn’t. We promise to leave your property looking even better than we found it.

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