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When Your Orinda, CA, Water Service Line Is
Down And Out, Replace It!

Let Avalon Handle The Task Of Having Water Running
Again To Your Home

There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering your Orinda, CA, home has no running water. Whether it’s for your morning shower, or washing your hands before dinner, you want (and need) water on demand. But what if you turn on the faucet to wash your hands only to find nothing but a few drips?

When this happens, what can you do? In most cases, water service line replacement will be your best option. Even if you have noticed slow-running water, you may find that water service line replacement is needed.

If your East Bay Area home is having issues with water delivery, it is time to have it checked by the professionals. The professionals can form a solution that will never have you second-guessing whether you will have water running out of your faucets or not when needed.

Our Residential Water Line Replacement Services

The service water line is the pipe responsible for bringing water into your home. While many Orinda, CA, homeowners may think the water service line is something they never have to worry about, it can become a problem.

The line runs from your neighborhood’s main water supply line to your meter, then to your home. If a break were to happen from the main service line to the meter, it is the responsibility of your water department to handle the repair.

However, it becomes your responsibility when a break or leak happens between the meter and your home. Trust us, replacing your water service line is not a DIY project – it requires a professional to handle it.

Fortunately, the experts at Avalon can handle your water line replacement with professionalism and knowledge.

How Your Water Service Line Leaks Or Breaks

There are several reasons why your water service line could start to leak or completely break. These reasons include:

  • An aging pipe
  • Corrosion
  • Ground shifting
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Roots from nearby vegetation

Signs Your Water Service Line Needs Replacing

While you may not be able to pinpoint why the line has a leak or breaks, you need to be aware of the signs that you are having issues with your water service line.

These signs include the following:

  • An unusually high water bill
  • Puddles or damp spots in your yard despite no rain
  • Your water seems discolored, has an odd smell, or is dirty
  • Low water pressure
  • Sinkholes forming in your yard
  • Wet spots in your crawlspace
  • Sounds of water – either a drip, a stream, or running water

Whenever these signs are present, it is best to get the professionals to your Orinda, CA, home. A trusted team of experts can determine if the water service line is the issue and craft the perfect solution.

Why Do People Turn To Us?

When Avalon was founded, it was with the idea of changing how the plumbing industry was viewed. You will find that our staff of professionals have all worked in the field for years, so they understand what is wrong with the plumbing industry.

The standard ideology many professional plumbers have is to charge high prices, do more work than what is needed for the client, and then use substandard materials in their repairs. Avalon is different – we are changing the perception of professional plumbing one customer at a time.

Our core values direct all our customer interactions and inform how we want to be viewed by our community.

From stellar customer service to ensuring that any project we handle is done with superior materials and precision workmanship, we hold ourselves to a high level.

Those who use our plumbing services always know they will have a professional who is on time, honest with the issues present, and ready to offer solutions to meet any budget a person may have.

FAQs About Water Service Line Replacement

Why Do We Use Copper Lines For Water Service Line Replacement?

Copper is a superior material when replacing a water service line since it offers low corrosion chances, is environmentally friendly, and is non-toxic. In addition, copper fits the need for legal and code compliance.

How Long Does Water Service Line Replacement Take?

Once we have the materials, we do our best to get your water service line replaced within a day. We understand how unfun it can be when your home is cut off from water, so we work as fast as possible while doing the job correctly.

Do We Offer Financing?

Yes, we offer financing through WiseTack for those plumbing issues that need immediate service. This way, you don’t have to wait to save money while the problem continues to wreak havoc on your home and life.

If You Currently Have A Lead Water Service Line, Should You Replace It?

Lead pipes installed as a water service line can leak lead into your water. Therefore, those who know they are working with a lead pipe usually request replacement despite no sign of breaks or leaks. We replace the line with copper to ensure your safety and security.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The technician was great from start to finish – thorough, responsive, excellent service. And a great sense of humor, which was appreciated because plumbing issues aren’t fun. The team was professional and friendly. I liked that I could pay with a credit card without an extra fee.”

Vicki L.

“We used Avalon Services for trenching, plumbing, drainage, water main, and sewer installation. The team was very professional and capable and did every task perfectly while greatly considering our busy commercial tenant’s operations.”

Bonnie F.

“Avalon is amazing. Not only did they answer their phone the first time I called with a knowledgeable person, but they came right out the next day to inspect and did the job the following day! Thank goodness for this company and their terrific, knowledgeable service.”

Lisa B.